This page will allow you to retrieve all of the keys you have purchased from

There are a few ways you can get your VoiceAttack registration keys:

Using the automated system below:

  • If you only have the email address you used to purchase VoiceAttack, your registration information must be emailed to that address.

  • If you have both your email address and at least one of your PayPal Transaction Ids used to purchase VoiceAttack, you can access your key information instantly, right from this site.

- OR -

You can always send an email to, however, there will obviously be a delay. You will be required to provide as much information as possible, including the email address of the PayPal account holder.

Type the email address you used to purchase VoiceAttack into the box below :

Optionally provide the PayPal transaction id you received when you purchased VoiceAttack (this feature is available for 30 days after purchasing VoiceAttack):

Please enter the value that you see above into the box below :