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Links to previous VoiceAttack versions
« on: July 17, 2016, 05:47:23 pm »
VoiceAttack is an expanding, evolving software and it also touches a bunch of components in your system to do all the things that you would want it to do.  Although maximum effort is put in place to keep features as backward-compatible as they can be (often to a fault), sometimes certain users may not be able to upgrade and maintain a perfect experience.  To keep moving development forward, sometimes this software is not going to perform as well or possibly even work at all for certain users after the working version that they have installed.  The fault could be outdated/incompatible/missing/corrupted Windows components, antivirus issues, third-party software issues, Windows security or possibly just a bug that may or may not be fixed at some point.  If the problem is specifically with VoiceAttack, there will be priority placed on getting it fixed and sometimes fixing the issue may take several attempts depending on how well the problem can or cannot be reproduced.  This may not be acceptable for the hardened gamer, as we all know that when it's game on, small things like this can throw us into a rage.  To help mitigate situations that may be time-prohibitive or even helpless, previous versions of VoiceAttack can be downloaded from the links below.  Note that you should check back from time to time and try installing the latest beta or release as your issue may have been fixed in the interim (check the release notes as they become available... also make sure you back up the profiles you are using... just in case (always good to do that anyway)).

Current version installer:
Current version zipped:

Current beta installer:
Current beta zipped:

Version v1.6.6 installer:
Version v1.6.6 zipped:

Version v1.6.2 installer:
Version v1.6.2 zipped:

Version v1.5.12 installer:
Version v1.5.12 zipped:

Version v1.5.8 installer:
Version v1.5.8 zipped:

Version v1.5.7 installer:
Version v1.5.7 zipped:
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