Author Topic: Button stops working for short while then starts working after a few minutes  (Read 103 times)


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Hi there all
Does any one have a idea why voice attack works fine for a few button presses then all of a sudden stops working for about 2 minutes then starts working again, I have spent hours trying to figure out this problem, read all the documents searched the internet but can not find anything. when the button works it all works fine meaning voice recognition, help I am going mad trying to sort this out.
Thanks for any suggestions you may have


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Can you clarify which button you're referring to?

Is this a keyboard key, or a button on a controller(or mouse)?

Are you using it to trigger a command, or to affect the listening state(E.G. "push-to-talk")?


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You might want to try doing a system file scan first:

Then, you may want to check out this thread, as it has helped in a lot of odd situations where things become unresponsive for a time (ignore the title):

Are you using any plugins?  If so, does anything change if you disable plugin support?

Also (the new question that needs to be asked), do you belong to the Windows Insider Program where you receive any beta Windows releases?  (Sorry... this needs to be asked now since it seems to be becoming a thing lol).