Author Topic: VoiceAttack full version v1.7.2 is now available  (Read 477 times)


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VoiceAttack full version v1.7.2 is now available
« on: July 10, 2018, 05:51:12 pm »
Hot on the heels of the full release is v1.7.2, which corrects a critical issue with a setting that may cause some to crash.  I hope this one works a little better o_O.

Due to the difference in persistence of the VoiceAttack.dat file, the latest version of the VoiceAttack.dat file will not be compatible with versions earlier than v1.6.9.  VoiceAttack will back up your previous version of the VoiceAttack.dat file as VoiceAttackConvert{DateTimeHere}.bak, and will be located in the same directory as your VoiceAttack.dat file.  That is usually in the C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\VoiceAttack folder.  If you need to roll back for some reason, see the note below.

Current version installer:
Current version zipped:

Steam version zipped (otherwise, available through the Steam client):

As always, release notes are here:

If, for whatever reason, you are not able to use this version, here are links to some recent versions:

NOTE ON ROLLING BACK**********************************************************************************

If you have a need to roll back to a previous version of VoiceAttack from the current (v1.7.1) version to a version prior to v1.6.9, and you are NOT able to load due to the error indicating that your VoiceAttack.dat file is corrupted, please read on.

First, note that your profile is NOT corrupted.  The new persistence of the VoiceAttack.dat file is not compatible with earlier versions of VoiceAttack.  The older versions of VoiceAttack just don't know what to do with that file and suggests that it is corrupted.

What you will need to do is go into your VoiceAttack.dat's folder.  That is usually C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\VoiceAttack  (depending on your setup, you may need to show hidden files, folders and drives to see this folder).
Rename your VoiceAttack.dat file to VoiceAttackOld.dat (or whatever you like).
Locate the file named VoiceAttackConvert{Some Date info here}.bak - (for example, mine is VoiceAttackConvert20171103064632.bak)  This is your previous .dat file.  Rename this to VoiceAttack.dat.
Start VoiceAttack.


Version v1.7 installer:
Version v1.7 zipped:
Version v1.7 Steam:

Version v1.6.9 installer:
Version v1.6.9 zipped:
Version v1.6.9 Steam:

Version v1.6.7 installer:
Version v1.6.7 zipped:

Version v1.6.6 installer:
Version v1.6.6 zipped:

Version v1.6.2 installer:
Version v1.6.2 zipped:

Version v1.5.12 installer:
Version v1.5.12 zipped:

Version v1.5.8 installer:
Version v1.5.8 zipped:

Version v1.5.7 installer:
Version v1.5.7 zipped: