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Play "Snippet" of sound file
« on: July 11, 2017, 04:31:59 pm »

As always, great work on voice attack - I hope to be testing the new "unofficial" release later today, and with an 152-meg .dat file, it promises to be interesting...  :)

I have a request for a new feature, (or what may be better called an addition to an existing feature). What I would like to propose is the ability to set a "play length" feature in addition to the "Begin at Position" feature currently in the "play a Sound Setup. The actual play length, ideally, would be user-set, but i'm not sure how that would affect other areas or system resources. If it's not able to be set as a user-input amount of time, could i suggest an option list of say, 10 seconds, 15, seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds.

This added feature could work as either a stand alone, which would start at the beginning of a file, or as an add-on to the "Begin at" feature, to allow the user to highlight a specific part of the file/song to be played.

This feature could bring a new type of style of profile, and allow for added flexibility for the program as a whole. To give an example:

i'm online streaming a League of Legends match, (or similar dota-style game). I could have a set of commands that play a 5-30 second sound clip when I hit achievements such as Kill-streaks, Support Streaks, Insta-Kills, etc. In a game such as Elite Dangerous, these would be events such as Arming weapons, Entering Super-cruise, Engaging Frame shift drive, raising/lowering landing gear, entering combat, etc..

For a streamer, this gives them a way of truly customizing their stream, and a way of adding an extra bit of "oomph" to events. This can make an in-game event more engaging, or give some events a heightened "emotional" connection - both for users and possibly, stream viewers as well.

That's pretty much the idea in a nutshell. Hope that I've explained it in a way that can be easily understood.