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How Do I? / Sleep mode
« Last post by Murphy on Today at 03:57:17 pm »
I have my Microsoft Speech Recognition turned off.
But there are times when I would like to put VoiceAttack to sleep so it only listens for an 'Awake' command.
Is there a way to do this?

How Do I? / Checklist dialogues (waiting for answer, then going on)
« Last post by AlexCohrs on Today at 03:11:10 pm »
Hi guys,

I am using VoiceAttack with my X-Plane flight simulator, and it's working great.

Additionally to assign tasks to my first officer like "After landing tasks" (switching landing lights off, switching taxi lights on and so on) I would also like to create true checklist flows with VoiceAttack. The idea is that my first officer asks a questions, waits for my reply and only thereafter goes on with the next question.

Like this:

F/O: Landing lights?
(waits for response)
Me: On!
F/O: Flaps?
(waits for response)
Me: Full down!

I checked some posts about conditional settings, but could not find out if and how that's possible. Can you guys help me out?

Best regards

How Do I? / Re: How do I avoid false chaining of commands?
« Last post by TheThingIs on Today at 02:42:42 pm »
The easiest answer I can give is for you to switch to using a headset. The sounds from your speakers are being heard by the mic. The only other thing you could do is assign a hotkey so that it's only listening when it's pressed. That should help but still not perfect.
How Do I? / How do I avoid false chaining of commands?
« Last post by satanswombat on Today at 02:11:42 pm »

I'm getting this a lot more than I used to and wondered if anyone can give advice on reducing it.

I'm using a desktop mic but it seems to pick up too much ambient noise ( from the computer fans, the game itself, tumble driers, washing machine etc ) and it interprets them as spoken commands that then bury the true commands I'm frantically screaming at the game ( elite dangerous ). This leads to huge chains like "her her her crewman orion her her her if if her if crewman eden her if her her her engage supercruise her her if her her will you hunting jump her her if if if her her her"

I've added her and if to the ignore list but that doesn't seem to be helping.

Feature Requests / Re: train profiles to dictionary
« Last post by Squeeze on Today at 04:50:35 am »
there are functions in SAPI to handle audio streams so i think you could make a plugin for VA that replaces the Dictionary Tool from Microsoft. I hope you will implement it in future Voice Attack versions. Thanks!
in the meantime i´ve fiddled out that below as an dirty workaround until we can get this how it should be:

(yes, i am using EDDI and HCS Astra)

Galaxy Map opens up with that, thats also perfect, because there the paste should go!

I am going to have to work out what I did in VA to work with Autohotkey to do exactly this....

I lost the custom VA commands when my PC reset itself a while back
How Do I? / Re: ETS2-ATS Command help for a beginner
« Last post by Pfeil on November 20, 2017, 07:23:36 pm »
What you have looks good. There's not much to optimize here, you're pretty much using the ideal components to make up your command.

Obviously this is asynchronous, in the sense that the game state and VoiceAttack's state are independent and can get out of sync, but without writing a custom plugin for ETS2/ATS(which requires C++) to try and get that data from the game(if that's even possible, having a quick look it seems to only communicate the current gear, not the mode as such) this is as good as it gets.
Awesome, that works, until here..

How can i get back then into the CLIENT App (Elite Dangerous), after copying?

Cause its still in the Notepad++
How Do I? / Re: ETS2-ATS Command help for a beginner
« Last post by Meridian on November 20, 2017, 07:00:48 pm »
I've been messing around just to see if I can get the hang of this. This is what I have atm.

Begin Boolean Compare : [ets2gearboxmode] Does Not Equal True
    Execute command, 'Gear Box Switch' (and wait until it completes)
    Say, 'auto gear box selected'
    Set Boolean [ets2gearboxmode] to True
    Execute command, 'Gear Box Switch' (and wait until it completes)
    Say, 'sequential gear box selected'
    Set Boolean [ets2gearboxmode] to False
End Condition

Did I do anything wrong with that command? is there another way it can be done?
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