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Issues / Re: [v1.6.7.6] Variable keypress dialog intercepts arrow keys
« Last post by Gary on Today at 08:21:11 am »
Well, she's a nice lady for letting you stay up all night.
General Discussion / Re: Is there a "VoiceAttack" for dummies?
« Last post by Antaniserse on Today at 05:45:49 am »
One thing worth mentioning is that, while capable of doing also dictation in the proper sense, VA main goal is to respond to *known* words/phrases in a custom grammar you create with each profile.

This means that it doesn't really matter if it gets every spoken word 100%, as long as your actions are built in such a way that he can "guess" the right ones.
So, to make a practical example, if you realize (looking at the log) that it often gets 'lock' when you meant to say 'look', simply add both options to your desired commands, at it will fire anyway.
Also, while using single words commands may seems faster, using two short words is much more reliable, since the "guessing" part done by the speech engine works better: using 'go look' instead of 'look' usually gives much more consistent results.

Now, since your goal is using a programming tool, inevitably there is gonna be much more work involved, since you are not just firing up buttons and menus and shortcuts, but also many "freeform" textual inputs in code... you are probably gonna have to prepare a good number of code snippets beforehand, and devise some sort of standard (typically by using the prefix/suffix feature of VA, very powerfull) to group them into your own preferred logic

This is an interesting example, it illustrates a different software than VA but it still applies the same concepts and might give you some starting ideas... pretty sure however that it took him quite some time to have everything in place
General Discussion / Re: Wireless headsets?
« Last post by pavsko on July 20, 2017, 10:29:07 pm »
I have just bought Logitech H600 wireless and tested:
I created a new profile and trained my PC.
VA works perfectly, no delays or mistakes from misunderstanding.
Issues / Re: [v1.6.7.6] Variable keypress dialog intercepts arrow keys
« Last post by Pfeil on July 20, 2017, 09:25:34 pm »
You're up awfully late o_O

It's ok, my mommy said I could :P
Issues / Re: [v1.6.7.6] Variable keypress dialog intercepts arrow keys
« Last post by Gary on July 20, 2017, 08:53:45 pm »
Thanks, man.  I'll check it out.

You're up awfully late o_O
Issues / [v1.6.7.6] Variable keypress dialog intercepts arrow keys
« Last post by Pfeil on July 20, 2017, 08:26:41 pm »
When adding or editing a keypress, checking the "Variable Keypress (Advanced)" checkbox greys out the key indicators and I believe is also intended to stop intercepting all keypresses.

However, the arrow keys are the one(that I could find) exception to this; They are intercepted and displayed in the rightmost key indicator.
Issues / Re: VoiceAttack won't start.
« Last post by iceblast on July 20, 2017, 04:13:43 pm »
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

Yeah, if I switch to light, and restart, VA stops working.

If I move the .dll out, VA will say there is a error, and reset the speech settings. Then I can move back the .dll, pick the full speech engine and it works again. The lite doesn't though.
Feature Requests / Re: Table of Contents for the manual
« Last post by Gary on July 20, 2017, 03:33:22 pm »
Ah!  Looks like bookmarks got turned off.  I've turned them back on.  You'll be able to view the bookmarks going forward.  Attached is the latest beta help doc (it's mostly the same as the release).  Thanks for the heads-up!
Feature Requests / Re: Table of Contents for the manual
« Last post by sthompson on July 20, 2017, 12:33:38 pm »
Control-F works well if you are searching for something very specific, but is not so good when you are not quite sure what you are looking for. I made the request specifically because I am frustrated with control-F producing (a) too many irrelevant hits; and (b) forcing you to go through them in sequence. At least that's the case with Acrobat Reader. if you want to know what are the valid token formats for example, searching for "token" is a hopeless way to proceed. It produces over 300 hits throughout the document. The document already has a reasonable structure so that a TOC that would get me to the right part of the document would be helpful.
How Do I? / Re: Change Speech Recognition Profile
« Last post by Gary on July 20, 2017, 08:28:25 am »
I'm going to be bold and say that 99.999% of VA users have only one microphone that they use for speech recognition, and when they do switch devices for speech recognition it's probably to replace the previous device.  Also going to be bold and say that almost all VA users are using the default recording device.  The ability to set the device in VA is a shortcut to the Windows setting... it's also there to provide a way to quickly show the end user what device Windows is using.

It's a good suggestion, and I'll keep it in mind.  There's a lot of other stuff going on with the Windows speech profiles that would require VA to keep track of multiple things to keep it all straight.  If practically nobody is going to use it, it would be a lot of work for little if any use.
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