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How Do I? / Re: VoiceAttack not listening
« Last post by shalloa on Today at 07:05:24 am »
Hello Gary,
thank you for your reply, i have ben reading your reply a few times to see what else i could find.

When i start up VA i received a error about the channel being used by Windows speech, when i restart it without having windows speech active i receive no errors or message.

i have ben looking over all my apps, programs and all stuff i could find that in anyway connected it self to sounds or recording, but i came up empty.
The only thing i just found (5 min ago) was the hardware section of sound and controllers.
i have disabled everything except the headset as i use that most of the time.

Lets see.
i have followed up your advice to try to reinstall and tested this, i already had installed the 2 files from the alternate link and i tested it but no results.

I will now reboot and reinstall VA again as i disabled all the hardware items and removed the 2 alternate files, i hope this will help as im slowly getting fet up with it, as you said eight billion things can be changed and i lost track of what i have all changed in the past.
Guess at some point it will bite me in the ass after all.

My audio drives are as far as i can see updated, no updates are needed on any section as far as i can tell.

O one last thing i just found i think this came with the lasted update a few days ago,
its called..
Spatial sounds (windows)
I think it has to do with sounds only and not recording but im not 100% sure, i cant seem to find out what it does or were its for.

I will keep searching as i believe this program is a game changer, so if you have anymore suggestions pleas share! :D
Issues / Windows 10 update = Loss of VA window
« Last post by Wartime on Today at 12:38:07 am »
Windows 10 went through a long update last night, ran while I slept.  My desktop picture was gone, no big deal.  Went to start Voice Attack, set up to start as Administrator.  Typical box popped up asking me if I want to allow this app to make changes.........clicked YES, but NO Voice Attack window appeared.

Should I uninstall/reinstall?
How Do I? / Re: VoiceAttack not listening
« Last post by Gary on December 12, 2017, 11:41:12 am »
VA generally will work right out of the box, however, due to the eight billion things that can be configured on a PC, there may be some extra legwork that needs to be done.  Basically, and very simply, there is going to be something on your system that is impeding the audio from getting from your mic to the speech engine.  That could be hardware and/or software and/or drivers.

Normally, it's just a matter of setting up the right audio channel (the thread you included in your post that you've checked).

Less frequently, but far more annoying is the third-party app that's got a hook into the recording channel in a manner that totally disrupts the speech engine (SonicStudio (Asus) and Nahimic (MSI) take the top spots for this).  VA will tell you if you have either of those running in a log entry on startup.  You've checked for these and have not found instances of them, so, we gotta keep searching.

Have you tried reinstalling VA just in case something got fried in the install?

You may want to try updating your audio drivers.  This has been an issue, although it's very rare that this is the cause.

It is also possible that your speech engine is borked up on your machine.  You can always try a different speech engine and see if that works for you.  Here is a link to setting that up:
It's just two small files (that can be uninstalled)

Anybody else that wants to chime in can do so if you've got a suggestion...
General Discussion / Re: ((Lights)) ???
« Last post by Arnak on December 12, 2017, 10:44:39 am »
Hi Iceblast,

Thanks very much for the info, that is a big help.8-))

How Do I? / VoiceAttack not listening
« Last post by shalloa on December 12, 2017, 10:33:16 am »
So after installing and sorting out all the speech config from windows i wanted to start working on some commands.

I use it with Elite Dangerous and was testing out a simple Ligh function.
how ever.. the VA is not recording anything i say.
windows is running without any problems and i can use it for opening calculators and stuff.

im running with windows 10 and have the trail version of VA (wanted to see if it works first..)

The volume bar on the buttom of VA is not moving or showing up.
if anyone has any suggestions it would be verry appriciated

Audio input and output in Windows is somewhat of a maze, but makes sense after you learn your way around.  As with everything, you set something once and then forget how it's done.  This is here for both you and me :)

Firstly, VoiceAttack uses Windows' built-in speech recognition to do its thing.  Out of the box, the speech engine uses the default recording device to receive input.  The recording devices can be accessed by right-clicking on the, 'Speakers' icon in the system tray and selecting, 'Recording Devices'.  Right-clicking on the desired microphone/headset and selecting, 'Set as default device' will do just that.  You will know your device is selected as default by the green check mark appearing over the device's icon.  This works for most, since we've usually only got one device on our machines that we primarily use.

For those that have multiple microphones/headsets/webcams, the default device is sometimes not what you want selected.  To change the recording device that the speech engine uses, just open up Control Panel and choose the Speech Recognition applet.  Click on the, 'Advanced speech options' link and then click on the button at the bottom labeled, 'Advanced...'.  This opens up the, 'Audio Input Settings' dialog.  There are two choices in this dialog : 'Use preferred audio input device' and 'Use this audio input device'.  The first choice allows you to continue to use the default input device (whatever that device might be).  Choosing, 'Use this audio device' lets you choose a specific device from the dropdown (default recording device is ignored).

Hope that helps some!

I have tested this and did not helped me. VA is still not working.
I have posted this same on Steam and there i got told to check it here, i was notified about the third-party apps that might use same recording channel but im unable to find the one i use.
General Discussion / Re: ((Lights)) ???
« Last post by iceblast on December 12, 2017, 06:23:59 am »
I believe it means, that Voice is disabled for that command, yet, you can still use Insert it activate the Lights.
General Discussion / ((Lights)) ???
« Last post by Arnak on December 11, 2017, 06:05:21 pm »

Could someone explain what the command  ((Lights)) (voice disabled)) is used for in the Elite Dangerous Cleo voice pack?

I am asking because it reads, Press Insert key and hold 0.03 seconds.

Yet the lights on / off command uses the L key.


Profile Uploads / War Thunder
« Last post by pirate_smee on December 11, 2017, 03:07:14 am »
A Simple Profile for War Thunder
How Do I? / Re: record mouse movement and left click drag actions
« Last post by gamesturbator on December 10, 2017, 03:44:51 pm »
That is great advice! I used to have a knack for these things. Now I think I've gone senile! :)
How Do I? / Re: Replace 1 character in a text value
« Last post by Pfeil on December 10, 2017, 09:47:47 am »
Here's one way to do it:
Code: [Select]
Set Text [module1] to '11111111111'
Set Text [module1] to '{TXTSUBSTR:module1:0:2}5{TXTSUBSTR:module1:3:}'
Write '[Blue] {TXT:module1}' to log

Code: [Select]
{TXTSUBSTR:module1:0:2}Returns the first two characters of your text variable(From position 0, which is the first character, and 2 characters long, so character position 0 and 1).

Code: [Select]
5Is a literal character "5", which you could replace with a token if you need it to be variable

Code: [Select]
{TXTSUBSTR:module1:3:}Returns the remaining characters of your text variable(from position 3, which is actually the fourth character position, to blank, or "Not Set", which means it'll keep going 'till it runs out of characters in your variable to return).
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