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Self Program Binds and VA
« on: April 19, 2017, 09:13:05 pm »
Have been thinking about this for awhile, and want to put forth this Idea.

You know how using a Voice Pack like Astra, when you follow their bind video, he tells you how to let
Astra input some of the Binds because she knows the correct keys to enter, this got me thinking.

Why not use Text to Voice to Read the Bind Commands to VA with Astra, or any other voice,
 in order to make your binds file, which could then be saved or added to the game.
The commands could be read from the page in ED, or from any number of bind key list posts.
After which you could change any command to a custom key, just by telling VA to do it.

Also why not let VA program its self,
as in, You tell VA what command you want or need to make or change, and it does it for you.
Then you can tell VA to Add the command to your profile of choice.

I think that VA+Text to voice and Voice to Text, could be used at a deeper level, for all this.
And when you bring in EDDI, BindED, and the other Tools, so much more could be achieved.

What do you think?