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Feature Requests / Re: Command wait end of others for execute
« Last post by Gary on Today at 11:40:46 am »
The reason there is not an explicit feature like you are describing is because there is no way to easily express it simply to an end-user.  I mean, it would be easy to have a command that doesn't execute if another command is running, but the problem compounds when you don't want a particular command to execute if this command OR that command is executing, or this command is executing and this condition is set to 2 and only if the mouse back button is down, etc, etc.  So, you can see there's no way to make an effective interface that can handle that.

To make what you are describing work, you will need to define a variable at the start of your first command that is set to true and then set to false at the end of that command.  From the command that you don't want to execute until the first is done, you will need to check to see if that variable is true.   Something like this:

Command A
Set Boolean commandAVar to True
Do command stuff here
Set commandAVar to False

Command B
Loop While commandAVar Equals True
Pause .001
End Loop
Do command stuff here
Feature Requests / Command wait end of others for execute
« Last post by Sloboda on Today at 10:34:31 am »

if it's possible, i would like a preference in commands for the command wait the end of command on course to be executed. (sorry for my bad english...)
At now, we can check "Allow other commands to be executed...."
the problem, that's work on a way, not on reverse.
Because if i check this box, i delay all other commands.
I prefere on a command, check: wait other commands on course before continue.

Sorry again, i hope i am clear.

Have a good day.
Best regards.
How Do I? / Re: Teamspeak Push to talk via VoiceAttack possible?
« Last post by BadDan on Today at 10:32:58 am »
Works like a charm. Fantastic work. I could never figure that out by myself.
How Do I? / Re: Teamspeak Push to talk via VoiceAttack possible?
« Last post by BadDan on Today at 10:12:17 am »
Wow, awesome. Thank you so much. Will try it imediatley.  8)
Issues / Re: Profile Switcher Broken
« Last post by Pfeil on Today at 06:54:17 am »
This has come up once before:

If it worked fine before, which version of VoiceAttack were you using? I went through my archive, and the latest version I have that this still works with is v1.5.8, in v1.5.12 it doesn't(I don't have any intermediate versions to test with).

You can check the "Wait until speech completes before continuing command" option for the "Say Something with
Text-To-Speech" action, which will "pause" automatically as long as TTS is speaking, to minimize the delay before switching profiles.

Otherwise, you could put a command into your profiles that's triggered on profile load. It's not illogical for the profile you're switching away from to stop executing when the other one loads, in my opinion.
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General Discussion / Re: Side project: Panels
« Last post by Corvack on Today at 03:05:35 am »
I'm working on a page right now!
it's far from done, but i hope to expend it in the next couple of weeks.

Attachment: Dashboard for panels in space games
Issues / Profile Switcher Broken
« Last post by Jademalo on Today at 12:18:20 am »
With the most recent update, my profile switching profile no longer works correctly.

I have 5 main profiles, and a 6th switcher profile. The 5 main profiles all inherit the commands from the switcher profile. The switcher profile commands play a short audio file, switch, then play another short audio file.

Since the update, the switch causes the command to stop executing, so the second short audio file no longer plays.

I cannot figure out what has caused this, it was working entirely fine before the update, and I can't find anywhere to disable it.

Any help?
How Do I? / Re: Executing Prefix/Suffix commands
« Last post by Rhaedas on April 25, 2017, 01:45:21 pm »
I can use variables from the combined commands to make it all work in the one I was going to call them with if it's not possible. Probably be less overhead that way anyway. I was just trying to practice good subroutine methods so I don't have to backtrack if something changes. There's usually more than one way to skin a cat.
How Do I? / Re: Teamspeak Push to talk via VoiceAttack possible?
« Last post by Pfeil on April 25, 2017, 12:55:59 pm »
Here's a working solution:
Code: [Select]
Set Boolean [speechcomplete] to False
Set decimal [speechendtime] value to [Not Set]
Stop VoiceAttack listening
Press down Left Alt key
Start Loop While : [speechcomplete] Equals False
    Begin Text Compare : [{STATE_SPEECHACTIVE}] Equals '1'
        Set decimal [speechendtime] value to [Not Set]
    Else If Decimal Compare : [speechendtime] Has Not Been Set
        Set decimal [speechendtime] value to the converted value of {DATETICKS}
    Else If Text Compare : [{EXP: {DATETICKS} - {DEC:speechendtime} >= 50000000}] Equals '1'
        Set Boolean [speechcomplete] to True
    End Condition
End Loop
Release Left Alt key
Start VoiceAttack listening
50000000 ticks equates to 5 seconds, I.E. if the speech engine doesn't hear anything for 5 seconds, the TTS key will be released. You can of course change this timeout to your preferred value.

Note that VoiceAttack will stop listening while you speak to prevent commands triggering unintentionally, this includes during the timeout.

I've attached the command so you can import it into your profile.
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