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The latest update is now available.  The last beta had a nasty bit where the actions of imported commands were not coming over, so a fast update was a must ;)

Sorry for all the updates... this beta was significant in the amount of stuff changed behind the scenes, so it's probably no surprise o_O

Have a good evening, all!

The beta can be downloaded here:

The zipped version of the beta is available here:

The Steam beta version can be downloaded here:

The rollback for this beta to the previous beta is here:

The rollback for this beta to the previous Steam beta is here:

As always, the release notes can be found here:
General Discussion / Re: What do the following options actually do?
« Last post by GeneraLee on October 23, 2017, 10:10:28 am »
That's great feedback.  I don't need to have them active.  Thanks.
There are some more issues with importing individual commands into the profile.  Working on a fix!
How Do I? / Recording problems when adding words to the Windows SR dictionary.
« Last post by MadamKira on October 23, 2017, 07:45:14 am »
When I try to add a word to the WSR dictionary, I select the record a voice clip option and it will say recording, but it eventually times out. I’ve tried using my Logitech c910 webcam and a Philips Speechmike Premium (LFH3501) dictation microphone, with the same fails results.

I did confirm, that the desired mic was set as the system and communication default, during my attempt to train a word and the mic was recognizing my dictation, when I used it to dictate text, with WSR  and by VoiceAttack, when I tried issuing commands.

Any idea, as to what I’m doing wrong?

EDIT: Ugh, face palm, I figured it out. you have to have speech recognition listening, when you dictate the word, when adding it to the dictionary. :/
General Discussion / Re: Need to access menus
« Last post by Pfeil on October 23, 2017, 04:13:53 am »
Is the game not detecting hat switch presses, or is VoiceAttack not detecting them?

In case of the former, is VoiceAttack running while this happens? Do you use software to map the hat switch to keyboard keypresses?

In case of the latter, have you set up the "Enable Joystick X POV Hat Switches" option in the "Joystick Options" window?
General Discussion / Re: What do the following options actually do?
« Last post by Pfeil on October 23, 2017, 04:11:16 am »
With the added context of this post by the OP, perhaps the desired answer is of a more technical nature.

Gary is the only one who can provide answers with certainty, but from as far as I'm aware, those buttons merely instruct VoiceAttack to ignore any input it detects(and to allow any keypresses that would otherwise be prevented from passing through to another application to do so).

This is supported by the fact that state tokens keep working for both of them.

Setting up a joystick will mean VoiceAttack polls that device(I.E. it asks for information about the buttons and axes) at the interval set in the "Joystick Options" window.
In theory that shouldn't interfere with other applications, as the API that is used should allow multiple applications to access a given device at once.
General Discussion / Re: What do the following options actually do?
« Last post by TheThingIs on October 23, 2017, 03:34:19 am »
essentially they run the cmd

so the "when I say" is the spoken phrase which runs the command

"on keypress" will run the cmd if the chosen key is pressed

"on joystick press" will run the cmd if the chosen joystick button is pressed

theyre useful when you do something repeatedly and don't always want them activated by voice. Plus if you want to run a macro cmd quickly then it may be faster with a press rather than by voice.
oh deleted an important line that broke everything did we...can't say I've ever done such a silly mistake myself ;)

it's beta, most ppl understand I think, and we always have your back!
General Discussion / Re: What do the following options actually do?
« Last post by iceblast on October 22, 2017, 11:46:34 pm »
You mean on the front of VoiceAttack. If you click on them, you are turning it off, and VoiceAttack will no longer recognize the keyboard or joystick as long as you have them off. It won't trigger any commands you might have setup for the keyboard, or joystick, while you have the shortcuts off.
Plugin Uploads / Re: VAExtensions, a general purpose plugin
« Last post by blueknight on October 22, 2017, 11:24:45 pm »
Is there a way to grab the whole Row and assign it to variables with one lookup?

here is an example of flow:
1. Search for something
2. Get Answer Back on a Row (lets Say 2)
3. Do Lookup on Row and automatically come back with.
a. Row2 / Column 1 - Then stick the result in Variable-2-1
b. Row2 / Column 2 - The Stick the result in Variable-2-2


I have the logic of doing multiple reads, but since you have all of this already loaded in memory, what would be the easier way to look it up.

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