Author Topic: VoiceAttack Beta v1.7.0.6 available now (Standalone and Steam)  (Read 109 times)


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Time for a new beta, folks.  This round has a few new tokens and a couple features that have been asked for (which includes a captured audio action that's actually been lurking in VA for quite some time, just not visible).

I hope everybody is having a great spring ;)

The beta can be downloaded here:

The zipped version of the beta is available here:

The Steam beta version can be downloaded here:

The rollback for this beta to the previous beta is here:

The rollback for this beta to the previous Steam beta is here:

As always, the release notes can be found here:
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Re: VoiceAttack Beta v1.7.0.5 available now (Standalone and Steam)
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A note on breaking out of the "Block all keyboard keys" and/or "Block all mouse actions" options in case you haven't left yourself a way to turn them off:

Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard, this is a special key combination that cannot be disabled by applications and will keep working.

When you press this combination, the screen should change to a short list of option, the bottom one being "Task Manager".
In this screen you should be able to move your mouse again, this effect will last while either it or task manager are the active window.

Click "Task manager"(you may need to click a second time, to re-enable the left mouse button), and when the task manager opens click "VoiceAttack (32 bit)", then click "End Task".

Note that if you have any windows other than VoiceAttack's main window open, closing it in this manner will lead to losing any unsaved changes made to profiles or options, and you will see a "VoiceAttack Improper Shutdown" warning when you next start VoiceAttack.
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