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Feature Requests / Re: Accept tokens for profile switching
« Last post by Exergist on March 20, 2018, 10:21:09 pm »
Two thumbs way, way up! :)
Cool! That would be great!

Feature Requests / Re: Accept tokens for profile switching
« Last post by Gary on March 20, 2018, 09:24:13 pm »
I can do process name, no problem.  So, if your window title is, 'My Window', but the process name is xyz1234, you can put in xyz1234 or *xyz* or whatever.
Feature Requests / Command testing feature(s)
« Last post by Pfeil on March 20, 2018, 08:02:46 pm »
Recently the option to apply changes to a profile without closing the "Edit a Profile" window was added, I use this quite often as it saves on both physical input and the waiting time of closing and reopening the window.

If feasible, I would like to have a similar option for the "Edit a Command" window.

In my mind this would be a button to test the command, which disables all input to the actual "Edit a Command" window, and runs the command.

Disabling input could be done by disabling all the controls on the form, but popping up a "Command running..." dialog would also take care of that as it'd automatically disable input to anything lower in the window hierarchy.

There could also be a "Stop" button to either stop the individual command, or if more practical to implement all commands(making it a copy of the button on the main window, which cannot be clicked if any other windows are open).
I feel it'd be more obvious than just relying on the hotkey when things don't quite run as expected.

This could either be on the "Command running..." dialog, or replace the "Test" button(if disabling the control on the form instead).

A handy feature to extend the functionality would be "When I say" emulation. This would be a textbox that works like the "Execute by name (Advanced)" option of the "Execute Another Command" in that it passes a command phrase to the "{CMD}" and "{CMDSEGMENT:}" tokens.
This latter does mean phrase variations would have to be generated and checked before the command can execute(overhead may be prohibitive here, of course).

This is basically the option in VS to pass command line parameters when debugging console applications.

Another extension of this would incorporate the aforementioned "Apply" feature, where the profile can be saved without closing all the windows first.
This could be an autosave feature, where the option can be set to save a command before running it, or just a literal "Apply" button(or even both).

I'd like that mainly because, rarely, I've had VoiceAttack crash and take my changes with it(To be fair I do poke and prod at VoiceAttack's internals at times, so it's usually not VoiceAttack's fault ::)).
Feature Requests / Re: Accept tokens for profile switching
« Last post by Exergist on March 20, 2018, 07:54:25 pm »
Absolutely! Thanks for the reply. It doesn't sound like tokens make sense, but what about switching based on the executable behind a given window?
Feature Requests / Re: Accept tokens for profile switching
« Last post by Gary on March 20, 2018, 07:43:03 pm »
Switching between profiles exists outside of a single profile's space.  Since variables and tokens exist within the profile space, it would get a little convoluted.... global-only variables would have to be set somewhere on the load of some profile and so on and so on.  Also, the checks for profile switching is done very quickly, and token/variable processing would add a significant level of unnecessary overhead for the majority of users.  Hope that makes sense o_O
Ok, cool.  So, what I'll add is a way to select by process id (which is an integer value).  I'll also allow *text* variable names and token parsing in the, 'Perform a Window Function' action.  If the text resolves to an integer value, it will search for windows via process id.  The help document says that this box processes tokens, but I don't see any evidence of this (probably copy/paste), so, in it goes.

Note that I'm not extending this to the command/profile/global, 'Send Commands To' ('Target' in the beta), as the overhead for something like that (variables/tokens) would be a large processing penalty for 99.99% those that wouldn't use it (it's all kind of related is why I'm mentioning it).
Perform a Windows Function - [Show] a program using {ACTIVEWINDOWPROCESSID}

I'm using the video player PotPlayer, which it a great program. The problem is, when you allow it to open more than one of it's self, so you can play 2 or more files at once, the process name is the same for all the windows. You could change the windows name, but the moment you say skip to the next song, the windows name changes back to default, which breaks the command again.

The other problem is, the windows titles for each of these open programs aren't always the same. So, there is no way to target 1 of the windows, it always brings the first window open to the forefront.

If I could target the window by Process ID through Perform a Windows Function, then it should work properly.

Or is there another way to do what I want to do.

It would be great if I could target the windows by Process ID

Here is the command I'm using.

Code: [Select]
Set small int (condition) [Seconds] value to 0
Set Text [SITE] to [C:\Running AHK scripts\primary program.txt]
Start Loop While :  Keyboard Key 'F21' Is Pressed
    Set small int (condition) [Seconds] value as incremented by 1
    Write '[Blue] {SMALL:Seconds}' to log
    Pause 0.1 seconds
    Begin Small Integer Compare : [Seconds] Is Greater Than 3
        Begin Text Compare : [{ACTIVEWINDOWTITLE}] Contains 'PotPlayer'
            Pause 0.2 seconds
            Set Text [SITE] to '{ACTIVEWINDOWPROCESSID}'
            Play sound, '{VA_SOUNDS}\confirmed.mp3'
            Write (overwrite), '{TXT:SITE}' to file 'C:\Running AHK scripts\primary program.txt'
            Pause 1 second
        End Condition - Exit when condition met
        Play sound, '{VA_SOUNDS}\318276__jalastram__retro-game-sounds-sfx-69.wav'
        Set Text [Site] to '{ACTIVEWINDOWTITLE}'
        Pause 0.2 seconds
        Write (overwrite), '{TXT:SITE}' to file 'C:\Running AHK scripts\primary program.txt'
        Pause 1 second
    End Condition
End Loop
Begin Small Integer Compare : [Seconds] Is Less Than 3
        Display window '{TXT:SITE}' as [Show]
        Pause 0.05 seconds
    End Condition - Exit when condition met

This allows me to hold the F21 button for 0.3 secs to capture the windows title of my active window. Then whenever I tap the F21 key, it brings that window to the forefront. This works great, and I use to be able to target the process of my video player without a issue, but that video player no longer works properly for my purposes. I switched to Pot Player watch does everything the other player did, except how it handles multiple windows of it's self being opened. You can't target a single window by process, because it sees all of them as the same window. If I can target the ID, then it would solve this issue.

Sorry, if I'm repeating myself, just trying to make you understand what I'm trying to do. :)
Issues / EDmap.txt - help needed
« Last post by Goobertech on March 20, 2018, 03:10:44 pm »
I have been using Voice attack with the "kate" pack for a couple years now. Up until now I've never had an issue. After the latest update it no longer works. I attached a screenshot of the login screen. I've got gone through the FAQ's and searched a bit but I can't find an answer for how to resolve this situation. I admit I'm not the greatest at this sort of thing so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.

Thank you in advance.

Issues / Listening ON after options OK
« Last post by Exergist on March 20, 2018, 10:29:29 am »
Not sure if this has been posted before, but I noticed that in both v1.6.9 and v1.6.9.23 whenever I press OK in the Options menu VA automatically turns listening on (assuming listening was off before I pressed OK). I don't even have to change any options. I can open the options dialog, press OK, and then listening turns on. I'm guessing this behavior isn't intended.

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