Author Topic: VoiceAttack Beta v1.7.0.2 available now (Standalone and Steam)  (Read 92 times)


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Time for a new beta.  Actually, the radio button issue on the command screen is almost enough to warrant a full release, so, I may be fast-tracking this to production (not sure yet o_O).  The biggest thing on the list is probably the variable data type converter.  That's been a requested whiteboard item for a very long time (so long that it required cleaner to get it off lol).  Some other new stuff and fixes in there that might be helpful.

Hope everybody is having a great evening :)

The beta can be downloaded here:

The zipped version of the beta is available here:

The Steam beta version can be downloaded here:

The rollback for this beta is the full release version:

To get the full Steam version, you'll need to download VA from your Steam client.

As always, the release notes can be found here:


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Re: VoiceAttack Beta v1.7.0.2 available now (Standalone and Steam)
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2018, 02:23:35 am »
A minor note concerning the changelog:

While it states
Quote from:
Added {STATE_AUDIOLASTFILE} token which renders the file name of the last-played audio file.

The documentation states
Quote from: VoiceAttackHelp.pdf
{STATE_AUDIOLASTFILE} - This token will render the path of the last audio file that is

The documentation is correct, as the token text will include the path to the file as well as the file name(E.G. "C:\my files\file.mp3").