Author Topic: Get a list of current profile commands or how to query voiceattack.dat?  (Read 70 times)


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I'm writing a plugin that relies on being able to search the current profile commands.

At the moment my solution has been to export the current profile to an XML file which I can easily read in then search manually, but obviously this is a bit of a pain if you update any of your commands as you'd need to export every time.

vaProxy.CommandExists isn't enough because I want to do a search of my own, rather than relying on a literal search for the exact command.

At the moment I take the profile path and just use:
XElement root = XElement.Load("c:\exported-profile.xml");
I then use LINQ to do my query.

Any know how I can load the .dat in a similar fashion, or if there's a vaProxy method I can use to do the same?